The Sufi Order International of Greater Boston is devoted to meditation instruction, spiritual growth, and the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, and Pir Zia Inayat Khan. It sponsors classes and events occurring around southeastern New England at a number of locations: a constellation of lights. It is a branch of the Sufi Order International, an interfaith international organization.

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Aziza Scott

A One Day Meditation Retreat

with Aziza Scott

April 6th, 2014,
9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

105 Billings St., Sharon, MA

We will spend a day nourishing our beings in meditation, turning within to find light and understanding that can energize and guide us in our lives. Aziza offers the meditation practices of Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan, Pir Vilayat and Pir Zia Inayat Khan within a retreat context which illuminates the continuity, depth and inspiration of our teachers. This day is dedicated to creating a sacred atmosphere which will nurture the heart, soul and spirit of the participants. Through this transformative process, new insights, healing, natural joy and energy are catalyzed.

Aziza Scott, M. Ed., is the head of the Esoteric School and Director of the Retreat Program of the Sufi Order International. She brings insight and experience gained from many years of leading meditation retreats and conducting workshops throughout North America, Europe, and India.

Cost is sliding scale $45 - $95. Potluck lunch. RSVP Khabira (781) 793-9252 / SufiOrder?Subject=Aziza retreat.

Get the printable flyer here.


Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
The Heart's Vocation Weekend Meditation Seminar with
Pir Zia Inayat-Khan December 1 & 2, 2012, Cambridge, MA

Ethics as a Nexus between Islam and the West
A Talk by
Pir Zia Inayat-Khan November 30th, 2012, Cambridge, MA

Audio recordings of these events are now available on our Audio Downloads page.

"Thus the ultimate purpose for which the soul is seeking every moment of our life, is our spiritual purpose. And you may ask how to attain to that purpose. The answer is that what you are seeking for is within yourself. Instead of looking outside, you must look within. The way to proceed to accomplish this is for some moments to suspend all your senses such as sight, hearing, smell, touch, in order to put a screen before the outside life; and by concentration and by developing that meditative quality you will sooner or later get in touch with the inner self which is more communicative, which speaks more loudly than all the noises of this world; and this gives joy, creates peace, and produces in you a self-sufficient spirit, a spirit of independence, of true liberty."

-- Hazrat Inayat Khan